Finally listened this morning. This was a really sweet one to listen to, and as a huge fan of the sign of Scorpio, your moon makes so much sense.

Yes to sense making, space making (pun unintended), and possibility offered via the cosmic wonders of our astrological maps. Loved the reflection on using the maps to understand/tease out our personal histories in preparation for our futures.

This one really reminded me of my multi-year shamanic healing training and all the work we undertook around divination. Though we may see themes and structures and glimpse possibilities, all humans have agency and choice points, rendering divining more of a ‘how might you respond to this possibility’ as opposed to a ‘guarantee’ of outcome.

Astrology for me is the same. Thanks as ever Adam. ✨🪐

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Brilliant conversation , thank you both so much! So rich ... loved the discussion of the planetary nodes , Ukraine and 4th Turning - then the shift into client work. I use clients a lot in my work, and love the way people speak their charts, it allows us to go so much deeper. For me, astrology is a way to bring more conscious awareness into our lives and the level that consciousness is operating on depends on the individual ... so we have to feel our way with them. In terms of your poll, I love your conversations around a specific topic. And I love the Wye Valley too - especially Tintern!

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Halfway through this one right now and wanted to pause to say thank you...what a beautiful, enriching conversation this is. I happen to really love the ‘malefics’🙃. I’ve had plenty of “curse the gods, what is this bullshit life I’ve incarnated into!?!”...moments along my journey but ultimately would come back around to my senses to level myself up, to integrate their guidance and wisdom. I have always resonated with your🪐teachings of Saturn. He really is a Great🙌🏽. And yaaa, not so helpful to demonize these evolutionary principles to one side of the polarity spectrum. Thanks for speaking to the harm that is perpetuated by this lopsided point of view.

Alright...back to the show.

Thank you both! 🙏🏽

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Me again- so I loved the pace and existentialism of this conversation that flows so beautifully -

I meditated on fear and how I relate to it when I see some “funky” transit

I held that feeling for few hours yesterday..

Woke up this morning very disturbed as if ...

After breathwork, My brother calls - mom is rushed to the hospital - a stroke -

Nodes at 29 of Aries square Pluto

Her Uranus is at 29,14 Aries - her 29 degree sun in Taurus is squared by transiting mercury Venus oppose her natal Saturn And 150 from the transiting south node ... transiting Uranus is on her mars exact

I could have not predict anything - no one can specially life events...

Now she will need recovery

And I need to hold space for the sentiment of my mom entering yet another dimension ( she has Alzheimer’s. Her Neptune conjuncts her Virgo moon on her 12th house and sit on my 8th house Pluto (mars is there today)

Lots to ponder upon.

Transformation within- without - individually and collectively -

Thanks Adam take care

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Left a review with stars. Loved this conversation. Thanks...

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Looking forward listening to you two, as Mark was the key that led me to you and >> to the bitcoin rabbit hole.. all through the planetary nodes- ⚡️ enjoy the week. Btw do you have a L2 address I can zap you sats for? M

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