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I do feel smarter and happier after reading all these words strung together by a thoughtful mind such as yours.

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Jeeeze ...stay safe out there A.S.

I commented to my fellow student Melissa last night that I’ve become an Astrology nerd because of your lessons and teachings so you can’t go and drown on us now (lol)

I Love reading about Bitcoin even if the only understanding of it comes from you.. which is I guess what happens when your genuinely passionate about something, it starts to rub off.

Rude people are becoming the norm but I guess it makes us grateful for our friends and supporters.

Enjoy your tea and see you at school! Thank you for all you do :-)

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I have an awesome Gemini mom, born four days before Orange (Julius) Man Bad, so I already loved you Gemmis (of all the signs, you’re the ones I’d think would be least offended by a playful nickname).

Having said that, Russell’s quit the lovely representation of your troop of monkeyminds, and much of that is due to his spiritual path that makes him so good with the paradox, the nuance and the heart.

Anyway, go ahead and write what you wanna write about and those of us who enjoy it will read it! I’m still probably both too stubbornly skeptical about bitcoin and too ignorant, so I appreciate your sharing about it. I hope you are right about it!

Re: Saturn into Pisces, I was acting like today, March 8th, was New Year’s Day because I have had this date metaphorical circled on my calendar since summer 2020, thinking Saturn leaving Aquarius could be the end of the CV19 chapter. I think it will be a confusing ending as the Fog of War is SO thick and one trick the media is playing to a fever pitch is the “ignore major stories” one. I expect that to continue full force until both Saturn and Neptune are out of Pisces and I wonder if it might just be a longer term feature of Pluto in Aquarius where, as we are going through this “Great Split,” denial of the reality of the other side will become more entrenched.

As for now, sadly too many structures based on rules about Covid-19 remain, including censorship on sites like Medium (something I’m facing on my blog over there, maybe gonna move here soon), requirements at universities for students to be up-to-date on their vaccination status, travel restrictions (as you mentioned), etc.

And the bastards have plans to broaden this all under the auspices of the unelected WHO. I hate to be a bearer of bad news, but Saturn in Pisces seems like a pretty likely era for any upcoming attempt at mass global overreach, so I think we need to take advantage of the Aries energies this spring and take some action to, at the very least raise awareness.

Last, and I don’t think I need to say this to Adam’s readers, but Saturn in Pisces seems connected with powerful non-violent protest movements, based on deeply held beliefs. What are those beliefs for you and are they under threat?

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From this sailor since childhood, grateful you made it across what reads like some pretty wild seas. Safe journeys home to your mystic teapot.

Thank you for the Peter Pan chat on your podcast (and this post). The weavings are wild and watery.

Last October I retreated on the island in Scotland where JM Barrie dreamed Peter Pan into being. They call the island ‘Neverland Found’ - its name in Gaelic means ‘Sea Island’. The host of our writing retreat’s childhood home was purchased from Barrie himself (so, she grew up in Kensington in the house where Peter Pan was written - she became an author). The island is pure magic - mushrooms, waterfalls, ancient forest and weedy coast across from a derelict castle - and it was a delight to play and explore and commune there the way Barrie and his friends, inspiration for the ‘lost boys’ might have.

Deeply Saturnian and Piscean water wonders in that wild part of western Scotland. Feels on the nose for this moment in time 🪐

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