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I have six major placements in Scorpio and Taurus including Sun Moon and ascendant. All been getting hit to some degree some very very close by this last series of eclipses and future ones. This eclipse window we are in right now has been my favorite though. None of them have brought anything to drastic but I've seen lots of reversals of Fortune and subtle things that I know to attribute to the eclipse. I started EMDR on the November eclipse and have been doing that for 6 months. The hope is that it has long-lasting consequences on my psyche and self-image. My son had surgery in the middle of this eclipse window that hopefully is a very important surgery that has long-lasting positive influence on his health. My youngest son decided to potty train himself this week. Something I've been working on his whole 2 years of life. Huge deal. My dad broke it off with his longtime girlfriend that I don't like last week. An old friend my husband and I had not heard from in a very long time and I thought just didn't want to be our friend anymore reached out a few days ago with an explanation and apology for his absence and requesting some time together. My husband basically woke up a few days ago and decided he needed to cut out coffee because he thinks it's causing him big problems with his adrenal glands and possibly thyroid. 👍

So that's all great. Nothing to fear.

I am having to fight some fear though over the solar eclipse on my natal Libra South node in the 12th house in October.

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Thanks, that’s helpful wwbd.. but tbh I will be glad when we’re on the other side of this one.

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