The world is indeed unnerving these days. It's been smoky again in Seattle, so I had my house closed up with a fan and air purifier on in 85 degree heat yesterday. The smoke messes with my nervous system. It's a fight or flight trigger... It was so hot and stuffy in here that I finally gave up and threw open the windows before bed. Combined with the news that somehow works it's way around and between the filters I place on it, I found myself tossing and turning much of the night and got up this morning feeling like I'd been mud-wrestling all night. I guess I need a book like that that takes me out of reality.

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All of the above, and the Skelligs, sweet magical Skelligs...

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I’m traveling through the west of Ireland this week. I hear no news save for checking my substack once or twice. The moon has shone each night coming more and more full. Beautifully so. If we are drops on the plasma field and this reality is a fractal projection, surely we can transmute these times, if we believe we can?

I believe we can.

I sat with rose hips, yarrow, and blackberries along a coastal road yesterday and sought their advice. We discussed the elements, the ancestors, this glorious and beautiful earth home. We discussed humans and the hive mind. We discussed curse, fear, and pain.

I sat with rose hips, yarrow, and blackberries and understood that the great slowing is what soothes frayed edges and calms thinning nerves. Presence above all things. Love beyond measure. Human life offers many things - pain, pleasure, disgust, disappointment, wonder, beauty, and plasma.

Compassion for those that suffer, always.

This moment in our human tribe sometimes feels like the manifestation of a collective fear dream. Surely we can transmute this. I believe we can. I will commune with the spirit of the planets, and encourage all to do the same, to understand, to witness, and to dream a collective presence of grounded wisdom. I am happening ‘with’ life, we all are.

The plants reminded me that they were here long before we were, and the same may be true once we depart. They offered a tactile continuum. The outer planets have offered me this same continuum. Perhaps it is there, seeing the continuum of existence, where I feel a settling. Perhaps others may also.

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Funny, I just bought this book too. Haven’t started reading it yet but it has gone way up my priorities list since reading this. It does feel like there have to be some very interesting insights for astrologers to be found here!

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It’s already there.. lol so I say let’s do it lol 😆

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